“Four Stars! Highly recommend- ed. An excellent book…. A skillfully written blend of Tom Clancy, the movie, Top Gun, with just a dash of The Caine Mutiny.... the story line and very realistic characters are beautifully woven into the weft and weave of that troublesome period of the Cold War…. Crack the cover and you will be unable to put it down!”                     

  Dr. V. H. Schumacher, Tin Can Sailors Assn. Book Reviews

Mr. Partel knows history…. there is a lot of gold in these pages.”                             John Shea, The Martha’s Vineyard Times

"Great read... truthfully tells the way it was during the US Navy's Cold War."

  Rear Admiral Gil Guilbault USN (ret.), former Battle Force Commander, US Sixth Fleet.

The Chess Players is a naval story and a love story and opens with an audacious, espionage mission - a Soviet submarine penetration of Stavanger, Norway - and closes with a thrilling episode between a missile-equipped, Russian nuclear submarine and a US Navy destroyer escort in the Mediterranean Sea. Commander Pebbles, Operations Officer of anti-submarine carrier, Essex, on a career track for admiral, mentors the well-educated, but inexperienced young Ensign Cannon. Based in part on actual, untold, historical events typical of the Cold War at sea, their task group encounters several provocative incidents at the hands of the Russian Bear  above the Arctic Circle and in the Mediterranean Sea prior to and after the 1967 Six Day Arab-Israeli War. 

  Read the first 2 chapters absolutely FREE. See page 4.
Read the first 2 chapters absolutely FREE.
See page 4.
The Chess Players
A Novel of the Cold War at Sea.